Web Server Security

Web Server Security

Penetration Testing

Even if you are not a customer of next layer managed services, you naturally want the highest level of security for your IT systems. next layer can carry out so-called penetration tests with its years of experience and certified employees. We slip into the role of an aggressor and penetrate your networks and systems to identify every vulnerability with the help of numerous professional tools attackers would use. We do this in coordination and alignment with your operational requirements.

The Methodology

The procedure is based on ISECOM OSS / TMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) as well as the the OWASP Testing Guide v4. We also have years of experience with audits according to the PCI Data Security Standard and can provide you with our comprehensive knowledge – especially in the conception phase of your service, but also as part of a security test.

After the test has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive test report that contains a brief management summary and risk assessment, details of each identified vulnerability, and recommendations for eliminating them. We are happy to support you during the elimination phase and ensure that the problems found have been verifiably resolved with a short re-test.

Systematic Security

In order to be able to guarantee a minimum level of security during ongoing operations, continuous vulnerability management is recommended, during which automated audits and scans can detect emerging weaknesses at an early stage. We are happy to support you in the design and implementation of appropriate measures.


The cost of a security test depends on the size and complexity of the systems or network being tested and the intensity of the test. It can take between one day and several weeks. Please contact us so we can develop the specific solution that best suits your needs.