Veeam Cloud Replication

Veeam Cloud Replication

Expand Your Backup With a Disaster Recovery Scenario – One That you can Test any Time!

In the past, disaster recovery was only possible with large investments in hardware and software.
This is now a thing of the past!

IT departments can now take full advantage of hybrid cloud architectures without having to maintain extra hardware and software. You can ensure recovery times of under 15 minutes in the event of a disaster. You can control a site failover with just a few mouse clicks via a secure web portal or test it for emergencies.

Next layer Cloud Replication gives you the power of image-based VM replication. This service delivers on-demand, fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based disaster recovery via our redundant infrastructure.

How can your business benefit from next layer Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect?

Cost-effective and efficient replication for true disaster recoveryYou choose your critical applications based on images that are regularly replicated in one of our data centers. We take all the necessary precautions and reserve the required resources for you (CPU/RAM/Disk) in case of emergency.

Extended Network FunctionalityNetwork administration is fully automated and requires no complex configuration or VPN setup. We deal with one of the key challenges for DR-Testing and DR-Failover scenarios for you.

Simple and understandable licensing and pricingnext layer keeps prices transparent for its customers. Customers are billed according to a rental model based on the replicated virtual machines and the resources reserved for them. Should disaster strike, the appropriate resources are booted up and billed on a daily basis.
There are no additional costs such as fees for internet use or other data traffic.

DR for your applications and servicesYou choose which of your applications and services to replicate. A self-service portal lets you access storage, applications, and operating systems efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently.