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Kubernetes Clusters by next layer – High Availability, Simplicity, and Peace of Mind

Kubernetes is the term used to describe a managed container service that provides a platform for building microservice architectures. Everyone is talking about Docker and Kubernetes – Docker is used as a container platform, while Kubernetes manages higher-level orchestration. These two technologies complement each other perfectly.

next layer is your award-winning trusted provider for Kubernetes cluster solutions in Austria. Our Kubernetes cluster is redundantly distributed in three data centers in Vienna, both with high availability and redundancy. We would be happy to advise you on the use and management of the Kubernetes cluster.

Software Developers

Developers can autonomously deploy, modify, or delete containers in which the application runs. Developing and rolling out new applications becomes easier and faster. You can continuously roll out new versions of your applications and shorten innovation cycles with a CI/CD environment based on Managed Kubernetes.

IT Infrastructure Operators

We help you run the right infrastructure for your container applications. With Managed Kubernetes, you can quickly and easily allocate or adapt resources. Thanks to having the Kubernetes cluster divided between two data centers in Austria, your services are highly available and exceptionally secure.

Kubernetes Operations

We are happy to handle both full operational management and capacity management, leaving you free to focus on your core business and your software’s operation. We are Austrian Cloud and ISO 27001 certified, and several of our employees are ITIL certified. We guarantee the secure and professional operation of your applications.

  • Scalability: Fast and easy reaction to high fluctuations in demand for your services such as web services or time-controlled tasks.
  • Speed: Quickly start or stop containers, as each of them constitutes an independent process.
  • Efficiency: The containers make efficient use of compute resources, and process isolation allows for granular CPU and memory utilization.
  • Location-independent: Uniform execution of containers in any environment, since code is packaged together with configuration files and dependencies.
  • Individual service and consulting
  • 24/7 technical support
What does a Kubernetes-Cluster look like?

Every Kubernetes cluster consists of at least three nodes, which operate in different data centers to ensure redundancy and high availability. Our Managed Kubernetes cluster automatically manages this for you to simplify your workflow. You can also combine as many master and worker nodes as you wish, depending on your resource requirements. These nodes have different hardware configurations, which can be RAM-, CPU- or storage-heavy, depending on your needs. The worker node resources are used by pods (containers), which you can configure, start, and stop at any time. Persistent storage is available for storing files or databases and is billed based on usage.

How does cluster administration work?

We set up the initial configuration and run the Kubernetes environment of master and worker nodes. You have admin rights for your nodes and can autonomously access the cluster via a comprehensive API, such as to provision pods. You also have access to the graphical Kubernetes dashboard to monitor your cluster.

Managed Kubernetes Cluster EUR 45,00/month including Control Plane
The following nodes are available:
Node Standard SEUR 15,002230
Node Standard MEUR 48,008240
Node Standard LEUR 84,0016450
Node Standard XLEUR 160,0032860
Node CPU SEUR 24,004230
Node CPU MEUR 60,008440
Node CPU LEUR 120,0016850
Node CPU XLEUR 240,00321660
Node RAM SEUR 72,0016230
Node RAM MEUR 120,0032440
Node RAM LEUR 240,0064850
Node RAM XLEUR 480,001281660
Node Storage Standard MEUR 60,0082100
Node Storage CPU MEUR 72,0084100
Node Storage Standard XLEUR 188,00328200


RAM & Storage in GByte

Persistent Volume StandardEUR 0,05/GB
Persistent Volume High PerformanceEUR 0,30/GB
S3 Backup Storage for KubernetesEUR 35,00/TB
Container Registry Basic Package incl. 100 GBEUR 10,00
Container Registry Storage incl. Computer PerformanceEUR 0,06/GB
Container Registry Data trafficEUR 0,09/GB
Kubernetes Application Operation Managementon request