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What is OKD/OpenShift?

Every IT manager knows this scenario: The developers are eager to start a new project, but before they can begin, the system administrators need to create the necessary infrastructure. While this can be achieved faster than before – thanks to virtualization, automation and cloud technology – it’s often still not fast enough.

This is where the DevOps idea comes in. Shared processes and tools aim to facilitate more efficient cooperation between DEVelopment and OPeration(S) departments. This then leads to a higher quality of software, as well as faster development and delivery.

But what if it could be done even faster? What if developers could use operating resources directly? What if they could provide software and describe the required infrastructure – without having to worry about hardware, network, and storage? That’s precisely what next layer’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on OKD – The Origin Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat OpenShift.

OKD is a complete container application platform that optimally integrates container cluster management, an orchestration system, and containers. OpenShift offers the architecture, processes, platforms, and services that provide ideal conditions for strengthening development and operations teams. And it enables them to work together even more closely. This accelerates processes and eliminates manual paths. Other advantages include dynamic scaling, continuous ongoing service development and billing based on actual usage, all located in ISO 27001-certified data centers in Austria.

“With next layer PaaS, both stateful and stateless applications can be run. This enables developers to take full advantage of containers without having to redesign their business applications completely,” says Andreas Schoder, Director Cloud and Managed Services at next layer.

Your Benefits:
  • ongoing development of software and applications without IT wait times
  • self-service portal for developers with customized or predefined images for rapid deployment
  • billing based on actual usage and automatic, load-dependent scaling of access
  • operational platform by next layer, including high-performance internet connection
  • personal service and consulting as well as 24/7 support