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Root Server by next layer
Reliable and efficient

Our root servers offer you a physical server on a monthly rental basis. You have full access to the operating system (administration rights) and an out-of-band management solution (full access via a web interface to screen, mouse and keyboard). We see root servers as an important part of our high-quality service portfolio. All components are operated in professional data centers (Tier 3), which are equipped with access controls, early fire detection, extinguishing systems, UPS, emergency generators and climate control systems.

Your Advantages with next layer
  • High availability through automated monitoring using our monitoring system and the use of branded hardware. Defects are quickly detected and resolved.
  • Full control of the entire hardware.
    In contrast to virtual solutions, the entire performance of the server is available to you.
  • Professional support Automated monitoring of all components and the use of our monitoring system guarantee professional support.
  • Flexible operating system Install your desired operating system on the server.
  • Secure data center The servers are operated in ISO 27001 certified data centers, connected to one of the most efficient IP networks in Austria.
  • Cost-effectiveYou pay only the set-up and ongoing operating costs and depreciation – your business is not burdened by high acquisition costs.

Whether you use them in addition to our virtual servers, as a dedicated virtualization solution or for high-performance applications where the virtualization layer is undesirable: next layer root servers are the right tools to build your IT infrastructure.
Choose from proven standard configurations, or ask for a bespoke offer for special requirements – be it CPU-intensive applications, systems for huge amounts of data, or configurations including GPUs for AI solutions.

Why next layer?
  • High-End Hardware
  • Professional 24/7 operation
  • 24/7 hotline service
  • Powerful and reliable internet connection
  • ISO 27001 certified data centers
Products Available
CPUIntel Xeon® E-2356G 6C/12T 3.2 GHzIntel Xeon® Xeon Silver 4314 16C/32T 2.4GHz
RAM UpgradesAvailable on requestAvailable on request
Disks2x480GB SSD4x480GB SSDWe can offer your required configuration on request
Hot-Plug Disksxxx
Redundant power supplyxxx
Full Remote Management (iDrac Enterprise)xxx
Redundant Internet Uplinkxxx
IP addressesone / 29 IPv4 network (3 free IPs), one / 64 IPv6 networkone / 29 IPv4 network (3 free IPs), one / 64 IPv6 networkAvailable on request
Internet connection1 Gbps1 Gbpsfrom 1 Gbps – multiple 10Gbps
Guaranteed Bandwidth100 Mbps100 Mbpsab 100 Mbps
Set-up costs (do not apply from a 36-month commitment)250 EUR250 EUR250 EUR
price from July 2022
(please ask for current prices)
on requeston requeston request

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