DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection by next layer

DDoS Protection – Network Protection

Optimal Protection Against Outside Attacks

Smooth Internet access is increasingly threatened not only by technical defects but by targeted attacks from the outside – the more prominent a company, the more vulnerable it is.
Scenarios range from cyber-vandalism and virtual sit-ins, to commercially or politically motivated blackmail.
In most cases, these attacks take the form of (distributed) denial of service attacks, DDoS. The bandwidths reach orders of magnitude where a local solution within the end customer’s network is no longer sufficient. next layer’s network protection solutions help to effectively and extensively safeguard against such attacks.

next layer Network Protection
  • Use of recognized security technologies
  • Partnerships with the market’s best solution providers
  • Qualified support provided by certified network technicians
  • Scaled for attacks up to more than 100 Gbps
  • Coordinated interaction with compatible mitigation on the customer side (optional)
Filtered traffic

next layer’s cloud-based network protection solution filters traffic and discards unauthorized traffic. Depending on the customer’s wishes, this can be done continuously, after detecting suspicious patterns, or manually. In order to absorb the high bandwidth requirement of an attack, we provide a multiple of the connection bandwidth. As our customer, you have full control over all measures.

next-layer’s Network Operations Center is available 24/7 to help combat denial-of-service attacks and communicate with partner organizations within the Internet Service Provider and CERT community.

Many Austrian companies and authorities rely on this service, which has proven effective many times in the past, and which is repeatedly tested every day.


DDoS-Protection by next layer

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