Measures Regarding the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Epidemic

next layer has emergency plans in place to ensure business continuity. These plans are combined with risk management and a step-by-step plan for managing the current cases of SARS-COV-2. We are actively monitoring communications from the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs. Since we provide critical infrastructure, we also receive information from the Ministry of the Interior. Our measures follow these recommendations and can be adjusted in the event of changes:

  • Keeping our Employees Safe:
    • All of our employees were trained in additional hygiene procedures and correct conduct in case they become ill.
    • They were provided with sufficient disinfectant dispensers, disposable towels, and sanitizer gel for use on the road.
    • All business trips to high-risk areas and all non-essential business trips have been canceled.
    • The company has responded by having employees work from home (except for field engineers).
  • Supply Chain and Supply Security
    • To ensure the existing network and server infrastructure can remain in continuous operation, we always keep spare parts available in our own Vienna warehouse. We hold these blocked stocks specifically for operational safety purposes.They can not be used for new implementations and can guarantee operation for several weeks.
    • Our data center infrastructure systems (such as air conditioning, UPS) are configured redundantly, and most data center locations are additionally BCM-certified.
    • New implementations will only be carried out with additionally procured hardware and, if necessary, will even be postponed until sufficient hardware inventory is available.
  • Operational Reliability
    • The operational field crew (fault clearance services) is equipped with protective masks and company vans for individual motorized transport.
    • Our infrastructure was already designed to be mostly operable by remote control for reasons of efficiency. We can now make good use of this feature to minimize the need for fieldwork.
    • Customer access to data centers and colocation sites is strictly limited to access that is essential for operations.
    • If the situation develops accordingly, we will conserve our resources by not carrying out any new implementations and only providing necessary fault clearance services.

We wish your company, and above all you and your loved ones, all the best.

May this state of emergency end soon.

Your next layer team!