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next layer — Part of the Ö-Cloud Initiative Since Day One!

next layer has been an active member of Ö-Cloud Initiative working groups from the very beginning. We regularly contribute our expertise to help actively shape the future of the Ö-Cloud.

What is the Ö-Cloud Initiative?

With the implementation of the Ö-Cloud quality seal, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs  has taken an essential step towards making Austria (and Europe) an attractive business location by ensuring secure cloud-based data management and data use. It also gives local cloud solution providers more room for maneuver in their business. The Ö-Cloud quality seal stands for secure data management and protection against data misuse. By participating in the Initiative, next layer commits to upholding the Initiative’s strict security standards – including, of course, the GDPR – thereby strengthening Austria’s position as a digital business hub.

next layer – Part of the Ö-Cloud Initiative Since Day One!

The Ö-Cloud services are open standard based. Designed to provide a documented structure, it provides a secure, trustworthy, and user-friendly solution that prioritizes data protection and transparency. next layer has been part of the Ö-Cloud Initiative from the beginning. We continue to contribute our expertise and are actively involved in shaping the future of the Ö-Cloud. 

Four next layer Products Have Already Been Awarded the Ö-Cloud Quality Seal

The Ö-Cloud quality seal, created as part of the Ö-Cloud Initiative, is awarded by the EurocloudAustria association. It guarantees exceptionally secure data management and protection against data abuse, as well as GDPR compliance. Following a rigorous assessment and an audit by the EurocloudAustria association, next layer received the Ö-Cloud quality seal for no fewer than four products. Carrying the Ö-Cloud quality seal means that we commit to upholding the Ö-Cloud Initiative’s strict security standards and strengthening Austria as a digital business hub. next layer’s Ö-Cloud approved products help guarantee that our clients deal with local partners and create added value within the country.


Ö-Cloud Gütesiegel Verleihung an next layer

Presentation of the Ö-Cloud award: Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck, Georg Chytil (CEO next layer) & Tobias Höllwarth (Eurocloud) (l.t.r.)
Photo: BMDW/Philipp Hartberger


Try Our Ö-Cloud Award-Winning Products

To celebrate receiving the Ö-Cloud quality seal, we are now offering the opportunity to try our four award-winning products free for 30 days.

The Future of the Ö-Cloud Initiative

The Gaia-X infrastructure standard was first developed in Germany and France by business, academic, and government representatives. Since then, other European partners have joined the project to create innovative products within the framework of a digital ecosystem. This foundation allows businesses to deliver their services on a global scale from within Europe. In the future, the Gaia-X standard will form part of the Ö-Cloud, guaranteeing compliance with European data protection laws right from the start.