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SoD – Storage on Demand

Storage on Demand – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Storage Space in the Cloud!

Practical experience supports what quite a few studies by well-known market research institutes (Gartner, IDC …) have found: the need for storage capacities will continue to increase rapidly. For many companies, outsourcing data storage to a data center is an interesting alternative – be it to minimize operating expenses or CAPEX, or to increase data security by using an external location.

Benefits of Next Layer Storage on Demand
  • Data storage in three high-end data center locations in Vienna
  • Availability in many data center locations in Austria, connected customer sites, or via Internet
  • Highest availability through redundancy and cluster technology
  • Scalability by easy provisioning of further capacity
  • High cost-effectiveness through predictable usage-based pricing
  • Brand hardware by Netapp and Dell
Storage Tiers
Storage TierDescription
SATASATA disks are slower disks but tend to have high storage density. This tier is ideal for backup and archive.
SATA with SSD PoolNetapp Flash pool technology buffer the SATA disks with an SSD disk pool – a kind of cache.
SASSAS disks create more IOs and have lower latencies than SATA disks, making them well-suited for virtualization or databases.
SSDSolid state disks for the highest performance.
Supported Protocols and Features
iSCSIConnectivity is provided via a dedicated 10 GBit/s Storage Area Network (SAN).
NFS and CIFSConnectivity via next layer Carrier Network, with speeds up to 100 GBit/s.
S3Encrypted connections over public Internet – from anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for additional backup space on a VM or for your servers in next layer’s data center, or for primary storage for a virtualization platform that you build with our root server – Storage on Demand offers the right tools. With our network services, you can use our storage infrastructure from a different datacenter or business location, from fast SSD storage to outsourced long-term archives.

Why next layer?
  • High-End Hardware
  • 24/7 professional operation
  • 24/7 hotline service
  • 10/100 Gbps connection
  • ISO 27001 certified data centers
  • Storage and Data in Austria

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