AWS Managed Services by next layer

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next layer is your local partner for comprehensive AWS Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are IT services operated as cloud solutions in data centers worldwide, where they can be commissioned as and when required. The key advantages are clear: scalable resources, quick setup, and easy access. Services most commonly used are virtual servers (EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud), storage (S3 Simple Storage Service), Kubernetes and containers, databases, and complete software solutions provided by the software provider directly within the AWS Cloud.

It may sound simple, but  you need to consider several things carefully before using an AWS Cloud solution. Migrating existing services to the cloud and creating the migration scenario is usually a complex task. It requires having the right broadband data lines available. Migrated services will also need to be operated within the cloud. That means considering security issues, monitoring, maintenance, and backup strategies.

next layer is a registered AWS Select Partner with extensive experience operating its own data centers, infrastructure, and cloud services. When you use AWS Managed Services by next layer, you have one partnerwho takes care of all these issues. We’ll guide you through the process from idea to concept to implementation in the cloud. You can order all AWS Services directly from next layer and also have us operate them for you. We have already implemented hybrid cloud concepts for several of our customers. They are an excellent way to get the most out of AWS Cloud Services. If you need a high availability broadband data line, we have our Cloud Connect product, a high-performance fiber network that connects directly to AWS at a peering point.  This guarantees exceptionally high bandwidths and extremely low latency times.

next layer provides comprehensive end-to-end AWS Managed Services, including full or partial billing for AWS Services, depending on your preferences.

Designing Migration Strategies

Migrating business-critical applications, on-premise solutions, or other cloud solutions to AWS requires precise analysis, planning, and implementation. Drawing on years of experience in this field, we are ideally qualified to design and implement cloud-only and hybrid cloud concepts.

Operational Management of all AWS Services, including Monitoring, Patch and Capacity Management

We can operate all AWS Cloud Services and provide active 24/7 monitoring. We consider both patch and capacity management an integral part of professional operations management.

Scalable AWS storage is ideal for your increasing demands. Thanks to our experience, we can provide precisely the right storage service for your requirements. Well-designed storage management provides the foundation for backup and restore management with appropriate periodic testing. In concept, backups can either be made to another AWS storage site or to one or more of next layer’s disaster-proof data centers in Vienna.

One often-overlooked element is a robust and reliable data line since you use your services at your location, but the compute services run in an AWS data center. The key to success is a highly available and stable data line with high bandwidth and low latency times. next layer not only operates its own extensive fiber-optic network but is also directly connected to the AWS peering point, guaranteeing stable and secure data lines.

Experience has shown that many customers prefer hybrid cloud concepts. next layer cloud services are often the preferred choice because they are operated exclusively in Austrian next layer data centers and are also part of the Ö-Cloud initiative, launched in 2021.

A variety of combinations are possible here: for example, compute services in AWS and a disaster recovery system in next layer’s local cloud – local data backup or parallel to AWS Services.

next layer can set up and operate an AWS Cloud designed to fit your business. At next layer, all these services are available with a single point of contact. Reach out to us and benefit from next layer’s full range of AWS Managed Services.

Your Benefits

  • One local partner for all AWS Services
  • Secure and stable operation of services
  • Optional backup, disaster, and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Development and implementation of a migration strategy
  • Full end-to-end service
  • Custom packages for your specific goals

Have we sparked your interest?

If you have any specific questions or would like a quote based on your unique requirements,  please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You are welcome to send us an e-mail to sales(at) or call us at +43 5 1764-622. We look forward to hearing from you!