Fibre Channel / Wavelengths


Special requirements, such as storage networking, the lowest possible latency, or the need for a dedicated infrastructure are met by next layer’s wavelength services. Our network provides direct optical point-to-point connections that you can use for Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, or other protocols.

Our customers use these services to connect their own business locations or to connect to their infrastructure at one of our data centers. They use them for Fiber Channel or dedicated 10 Gbps Ethernet connections. You can rely on our experience in system integration, even of complex storage systems.

Key facts

  • Dedicated wavelength through our network, exclusive use
  • Lowest technically possible latency
  • Zero jitters, no interaction with other traffic
  • Defined procedures for maintenance and filtering
  • Handover by optical transceivers adapted to your devices
  • Regeneration and conversion if necessary
  • Optional redundancy circuit to increase availability

Have we sparked your interest?

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