Multiplexing and Transceivers


High-speed data networks beyond standard configurations place high demands on planning and design. Factors to consider when purchasing include

  • Damping and performance of the cable routes
  • Cost-effectiveness through suitable transceivers and multiplexing
  • Compatibility of the components used
  • Proof of quality and quality assurance

next layer has been dealing with these challenges in the expansion of its own network for many years, using state-of-the-art components and our own range of measuring devices. Profit from our experience, let us advise you in your selections, and benefit from our needs-oriented solutions:

  • Optical multiplexer systems in many configurations, for (almost) every task: our special focus is on completely passive CWDM systems for the metro area, which bring about practically no additional costs after procurement, due to their simple structure and high reliability.
  • Optical and electrical transceivers, compatible with all common manufacturers, speeds of 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps

If necessary, we can begin advising you during the design phase, assist you with the documentation and calibration of fiber lines, and we also offer maintenance contracts with divided or dedicated spare parts for all listed components ex our Vienna warehouse. Let us know what you need!


Have we sparked your interest?

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