ISO 27001 Certification


Our core objective is the operational security and confidentiality of company and customer data. That is why we began subjecting our rules and procedures to an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) early on.

ISO-27001 is an internationally recognized standard with a special focus on identifying, assessing and reducing IT risks. Mandatory annual audits guarantee a continuous development and review of the ISMS.

We began this procedure in 2014 at one of our data center locations in Vienna. In cooperation with external consultants, the location and supporting systems were analyzed, vulnerabilities were documented and evaluated, and essential measures were taken to improve IT security. The first audit by TÜV Rheinland CERT GmbH, which specializes in this field, confirmed the accuracy of the measures taken and their implementation.

After constant further development as part of our annual reviews, we were able to extend this management system across the entire company and had it certified accordingly in the summer of 2017.

For our customers, this certification guarantees that up-to-date security standards are being met, that systems are adequately protected, and that their data is treated securely and confidentially. It supports our clients’ relationships with their end customers by documenting their responsible selection of suppliers.

Hier ist wahrscheinlich nächstes Jahr Platz für den ISPA Code of Conduct / DSGVO