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What is a Hybrid Cloud?

It's important to prioritize a secure and strategic IT infrastructure design. We host our private and public cloud solutions exclusively in our certified data centers located in Austria. We utilize a secure network to connect different IT systems for hybrid cloud solutions. Often, IT strategies focus on consolidation and flexible scaling, which involves migrating workloads between environments. To ensure a seamless transition, we take into account various infrastructure elements, including network connectivity, cloud service capacity, and security.

Why use a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud combines the best features of traditional cloud systems. Well-implemented IT solutions that run as a combination of local infrastructure and private or public cloud solutions can reap the benefits of increased flexibility and decreased costs. While private cloud solutions are designed specifically for individual companies, public cloud solutions utilize a shared platform, resulting in more flexible capacity management and lower costs. If you opt for an AWS cloud solution, our AWS Select partnership enables us to offer a comprehensive, full-service package that includes planning, implementation, operation, and billing.


Create Your Ideal Hybrid Cloud With next layer

You can rely on next layer to provide the complete design and the services you need for a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. Thanks to years of experience, our products are now optimized to work seamlessly together, end-to-end, from your local infrastructure to our certified data centers in Austria. We use next layer’s own network of high-availability fiber optic lines to ensure reliable connection and smooth operations.


next layer's Cloud Services is an exceptional service portfolio that can run all the infrastructure services in the cloud. This collection ranges from cloud backups and storage solutions to virtual machines, Kubernetes, and data center solutions.

Colocation by next layer lets you expand your on-site infrastructure by using space in our data centers, where you can operate private cloud services using your own hardware and software, either directly or through partners. This type of infrastructure is in high demand because it is compatible with public cloud services – which are also available in next layer's data centers – and can be used to form a hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud Connect by next layer provides a fast, highly available, and secure connection from your site to hyperscale public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, or Google Cloud.

With next layer's operational management package, you can rest easy knowing that your infrastructure and applications are in capable hands. Our comprehensive package includes regular updates, upgrades, capacity management, and security checks so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Have we sparked your interest?

If you have any specific questions or would like a quote based on your unique requirements,  please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You are welcome to send us an e-mail to sales(at)nextlayer.at or call us at +43 5 1764-622. We look forward to hearing from you!