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VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol (IP), is a method of making telephone calls via the Internet. VoIP can be used regardless of whether it uses the public Internet or a dedicated secure line. VoIP is replacing traditional copper wire telephone services or primary rate access (PRA) connections for business customers. Usually, corporate clients have their telephone system linked to an ISDN-based PRA. In cases where older Private Branch Exchange systems are not yet equipped to support VoIP, a router facilitates a link between the PBX system and the VoIP network. Using a router to connect the Private Branch Exchange system to the VoIP network can be applied to modern and older systems. Modern PBX systems can connect to VoIP networks without a router.

By using VoIP, you can save on the costs of a separate phone connection and enjoy the convenience of using your Internet connection for telephone services. When purchasing multi-channel PBX systems, it's common to come across packages that offer 4, 8, 16, or 30 channels, which may be more than you need. With VoIP, you can order each channel individually, and the new channel is usually activated within a few days. This gives you a flexible and cost-efficient solution.

With next layer's system, you can integrate an already existing fiber optic connection. Having a highly available fiber optic connection improves the PBX's availability because it allows multiple connections to work at the same time. In the event of a connection failure, the second connection takes over, and calls continue without interruption.

With Voice over IP, voice data is transmitted as data packets (IP- Internet Protocol). A fiber optic connection can be used to transmit several hundred calls at the same time. Suppose you need to have several calls going at the same time and need to expand capacity. In that case, you can simply increase the number of available channels. Conveniently, this doesn't require the installation of a new line. All you need to do is adjust the VoIP configuration settings.

The office telephones connect to the PBX. From there, the calls are routed via the next layer fiber optic connection to the next layer telephone network. From this network, you can connect to other telecommunications providers, both locally and worldwide. Calls are connected in reverse order when you receive them.

Business customers looking for a simple, customizable, and affordable way to connect to the telephone network can benefit from VoIP. Instead of requiring a significant initial investment, VoIP lets you order individual channels and add more as your business grows.

Voice over IP prices start as low as EUR 5 per month, with competitive connection rates for both domestic and international calls.

Our Services

  • VoIP SIP trunk can be directly connected to your PBX
  • Geographic VoIP numbers (Austria)
  • Number porting of existing numbers
  • Special phone numbers (such as 05 for nationwide calling in Austria)
  • Low rates for business customers

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