Server Hardware


Cost-effective procurement of server hardware, especially in complex projects, is never a matter of routine. Working with a competent and reliable supplier will give you peace of mind. We provide customized proposals and the logistics behind them – not just for projects in our own data centers. For our customers and our own cloud services, we rely exclusively on quality products from the two market leaders HP Engineering and Dell, with whom we have long-standing partnerships. We create solutions that reliably master even the most demanding challenges in conjunction with the leading storage provider netapp. If you prefer to rent your hardware rather than buy it – we can provide you with a quote using popular products so you can optimize your investment budget. Our specialists will gladly take the time to work out the configuration that best suits your requirements.

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If you have any specific questions or would like a quote based on your unique requirements,  please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You are welcome to send us an e-mail to sales(at) or call us at +43 5 1764-622. We look forward to hearing from you!