Backup and Storage Solutions
by next layer

Internal data stored within a company's IT infrastructure is a crucial asset that forms the backbone of any organization. For a company to thrive, it is vital to have strong performance and reliable availability, as these are fundamental factors for its economic success and survival.

Managing high-availability storage systems is expensive and requires specialized skills. Moreover, in today's world of remote and decentralized organizations, having a seamlessly connected location is critical. A dependable backup system safeguarded against unauthorized interference is vital, even for the most advanced storage infrastructure.

next layer runs several high-availability storage clusters that offer flexibility in performance and availability. These clusters are redundant and situated in Austria and the DACH region. You can decide whether to use native storage (on demand), S3-compatible storage, or our ransomware-proof backup solution.

You can easily add storage and backup to your IT portfolio using other next layer services like site networking, high-speed Internet, or cloud connectivity.

Consulting & Planning: Our skilled technical presales team will evaluate your current situation and collaborate with you to determine areas that may need improvement or have potential for enhancement. During our consultation and environment analysis, we'll explore potential solutions together. We create a customized backup and storage plan based on each client's specific situation and requirements. We may suggest additional services if necessary.

Migration: We either integrate existing solutions or transition to a newly developed solution, all within a specified time frame and budget.

Operations & Maintenance: next layer operates storage and backup solutions around the clock. Our complete operations management package ensures worry-free service so you can focus on your business. You can precisely define the location where your data is stored. If you wish, all your data will be stored exclusively in Austria.


Advantages of this solution

  • A complete solution from a single provider
  • Adapted to fit your individual needs
  • Storage location and availability according to your preferences
  • Comprehensive backup plan, including software and all necessary licenses

Why next layer?

  • next layer has decades of knowledge and expertise in backup and storage solutions
  • We manage multiple highly available storage cluster locations
  • Our high-performance network connects to numerous sites
  • Our Europe-wide network provides fast and secure connections to cloud providers
  • We carefully plan and implement a solution ideally suited to your company's unique needs
  • Independent Austrian company

Have we sparked your interest?

If you have any specific questions or would like a quote based on your unique requirements,  please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You are welcome to send us an e-mail to sales(at) or call us at +43 5 1764-622. We look forward to hearing from you!