Network Solutions
by next layer

Network Solutions must fulfill a wide range of functions, from providing reliable Internet broadband connections with DDOS protection for business premises, offices, data centers, and telecommuter site networks to complex multi-cloud scenarios.

Companies face an ongoing digital transformation fueled by constant advancements in technology. Corporate IT faces continuous challenges in securing a company's success using the most up-to-date technology. Maintaining a dependable and high-speed internet connection between production and office locations is crucial in providing reliable connectivity for telecommuters and suppliers. The IT organization is responsible for ensuring they can access their hybrid cloud, external cloud services, and outsourced infrastructure in hyperscalers at a reasonable cost. Developing customized network solutions tailored to each enterprise's needs is essential to ensure the IT organization can achieve these goals. Simultaneously managing cost-effectiveness, availability, and productivity is critical for achieving success. This infrastructure must be thoughtfully designed, properly built, and consistently maintained for that to happen.

Thanks to years of experience planning, constructing, and operating corporate networks and high-availability Internet connections, next layer is proud to offer a Europe-wide telecommunications network, which means we can support you with unparalleled individualized service. We deliver flexible, transparent, cost-effective solutions customized to each of our customers' needs.

  • Consulting & planning: During our consultation session, we carefully assess the environment and determine solutions that align with each customer's unique needs. From there, we develop a network solution that addresses their specific requirements and wishes.
  • Migration: As part of the migration process, we ensure the transfer, integration, or transition of existing solutions to the newly developed solution, all while staying within the predetermined time, project, and cost plan.
  • Operation and maintenance: To ensure uninterrupted performance, next layer can handle all telecommunications services and provide top-notch operational management if requested, providing you with a stress-free experience and expertly managing all aspects of the process.

Benefits of This Solution

  • complete solution from a single provider
  • Cost-efficient & reliable
  • Implementation by a qualified person you can contact directly
  • Innovative additional services

Why next layer?

  • next layer has decades of experience with network solutions
  • Multiple connected next layer sites using a high-performance network
  • A Europe-wide network for fast and secure connections to cloud providers
  • Planning and implementation to find the best solution for your company
  • Independent Austrian company

Our decades of extensive experience planning and designing modern infrastructure enables us to create cost-effective, high-performance, state-of-the-art solutions without compromising quality. We work exclusively with business customers. You'll receive exceptional technical support and a dedicated point of contact with personalized service. These references demonstrate our industry expertise:

Have we sparked your interest?

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